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pumpkin carving.

This year my work had a pumpkin carving contest. I was inspired by the funkin carousel found here but wanted to put my own spin on it.

I started by carving the top:

but it looked a little lonely, so I painted the top and bottom and accented with glitter.

Tada! My very own dolphin merry-go-round. I made a lazy susan using a wood circle from the craft store, a bearing from Home Depot, and a cork circle from Ikea. (a little ghetto, but it got the job done).

Happy Halloween!



snail mail delight

In this day and age of emails and text messages, I love getting snail mail. There’s nothing like opening your mail box and finding a special envelope addressed just for you. Not a bill, not a junk mailer, but a special card that says, “Hey, I was thinking of you (and didn’t mind paying the extra postage to let you know)!”

Today I was at Target and happened to pass by the special section devoted to American Greeting’s Taylor Swift greeting cards. Now I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan, but I was pretty impressed with how cute the cards were! (I ended up buying 3).



less is more.

When I went to the Renegade Craft Fair about a month ago, I came upon Rae Dunn's ceramics booth and instantly fell in great like of the loveliness she had to offer. 

I love, love how each piece is simple yet unique, imperfectly perfect.

If I had part ownership of Lucky Charms’ pot o’ gold, I would definitely snatch everything in her store in a hurry. Sadly, I’m still waiting for Sir Charms to make his way over here from under the rainbow. So until then I will merely look and admire.


You can buy some loveliness here.



not so ordinary lunch

I don’t know about you, but for me packing lunches is quite a pain. I’d rather not do it at all. It’s usually the case for me that I’ll go to work but end up looking at my fellow lunch buddys’ lunches with a certain kind of envious hunger. After all, the sandwich always looks tastier on the other side of the lunch table, even if it is only PB&J.

But right now, I’m feeling super jazzed about making tomorrow’s lunch. I just discovered Another Lunch via Design Mom, which makes me die of cuteness.

Oh, the renewed resolve to not just pack another lunch!